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Spraytan 101

Mobile services are available by appointment only. The entire process takes about 30 minutes from set up to clean up. A consultation is included to evaluate your skin type, your timeframe and the level of glow that you want to achieve. Whether you want that healthy glow or that deep bronze,we can make it happen! 


I bring with me a portable tent and all of the needed equipment and solutions for your appointment. I can set up in most any space although the best areas have natural or overhead lighting and access to an outlet. There is no overspray or heavy smell. You can wear a bathing suit, underwear, use the provided disposable g-string or be in the nude* - whatever your comfort level. 


Two coats of solution will be applied and then you will be dried with air and a setting powder will be applied. You may put on your clothing right after your powder application. Loose, lightweight clothing is best. A little bronzer may end up on your clothing, but it will wash out easily. The type of solution applied will determine the time needed for full development and when you can rinse. 

*FDA regulations require that men have their genitalia covered.

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