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Mobile Individual Airbrush Spray Tan:

Custom hand applied spraytan in the comfort of your home.

Spray tan session at your home or chosen location throughout Richmond Metro area (areas 12 miles radius from 23221) 

*Please ask about additional charges for locations outside radius. 

Mobile Spray Tan Group or Party: Starting at $180

Invite friends over to share in the fun and discounts!

Add more tanners to your appointment and save on each tan! 

*Parties of 3-6 tanners only. Parties larger in size will need to be booked directly with Gretchen and will be quoted dependent on final number.

Competition or Pageant Custom Tan: 

Contact Directly to Request Services

Custom airbrush spray tan meant to create a bronzed glow for stage and/or photoshoot. Can include multiple layers and color additives to create a custom color and look.  

*Excludes travel expenses.

*Full custom contouring is available as well.






Richmond, VA Metro area

(12 miles from 23221 included)

Travel rates are available.

Tanning Care


  • Timing is important when scheduling your spray tan! 

  • The two most popular tanning solutions require 6-8 hours to develop. 

  • The Express tan requires that you rinse off in 2-3 hours, but still takes 8 hours to fully develop.

  • The Hybrid blend is created for the client to either rinse off in 4-5 hours for a regular tan or left on for the full 8 hours for an even more intense color. 

  • Colors and darkness are custom blended and applied for each client.  

  • Also, most tans will look best 24-48 hours after application as it settles into the layers of skin and with moisturizer applied.

Contact us if you have questions about when to schedule!

  • Starting TWO days prior to your appointment, exfoliate your entire body paying special attention to your knees, elbows, chest, neck, underarms, and tops and sides of feet. Apply moisturizer immediately after you get out of the shower. Dry flaky skin can cause your spray tan to look splotchy or fade in certain areas before others.  The day BEFORE your appointment, repeat the same steps listed above. 

  • SHAVE the DAY BEFORE your spray tan. Try to avoid shaving on the day of your tan as it can sometimes cause your pores to dilate and become saturated with the solution resulting in a brown speckled look. 

  • Immediately before your appointment, it is extremely important that you DO NOT apply any excessive oils, perfumes, deodorant, or lotions as they can react with the tanning solution. If you have an evening or afternoon appointment then the morning of is fine. I provide wipes to remove makeup if you choose to do so. Makeup will block some of the tanning solution from your face.

  • FYI: If you have had a recent sunburn and are experiencing any peeling, wait until you are no longer peeling before spray tanning. Spray tanning on top of peeling or burnt skin will result in an uneven and splotchy tan. 

  • Get your MANICURE AND PEDICURE BEFORE your spray tan session as your tan will be removed on your hands and feet during a manicure or pedicure. However, you can purchase the Tanning Mist and Tan Extender to touch up hands, feet, and face to keep your tan longer and more even. 

  • If you are receiving laser hair removal treatments, you will need to have all spray tan removed before your treatments. Also it is best to wait at least 24 hours after your treatments before your next spray tan. 

  • Immediately after your tan, wear loose dark clothing (cotton preferably) to avoid any discoloration of lighter garments. If you do get the bronzer on lighter fabrics including your sheets, it will come out easily in the wash. Also avoid wearing tighter undergarments and jewelry. Anything that will rub excessively during the time that you are developing may cause uneven color. 

  • STAY AWAY from water 4-6 hours with a Hybrid and 8 hours with the regular formulas as this can cause the spray tanning solution to wash off leaving you with streaks and an uneven spray tan. This also includes sweating so be sure to limit your activities.

  • MOISTURIZE!!! Moisturizing your skin daily will help to extend the life of your spray tan as DHA is drying and dry skin will cause your tan to fade unevenly. Please ask about the tan extending lotions and other products which help keep your tan looking fabulous longer. I recommend the South Seas Tan Extending Lotion, Tanning Mist and lotions such as Gold Bond, Jergens or Eucerin to extend the life of your tan.

  • When showering, use a moisturizing soap (Castile soaps are my fav) along with a soft loofah or washcloth. Exfoliating lightly will help your spray tan fade more evenly. Try to remember to pat your skin dry to avoid premature fading. Applying the South Seas tan extending lotion every 2-3 days will help extend your tan even longer. 

  • Spray tans usually last 5-10 days with proper care, but depends on your skin and level of spray tan applied. It may rub off on certain areas more quickly than others. To help extend the life of your tan, it is recommended to schedule spray tans on a consistent basis to maintain your glow. It is also recommended to use the tan extending products as well especially on hands, feet, face, and other areas that might rub off from clothing or activity and sweating. 

  • FYI: Be aware that contact with chlorine, alcohol (perfumes), excess sweating, and hot tubs can cause early fading.


Q: Who is the Fairy Tan Mother?

A: Gretchen Sutphin is a talented Spray Tan Artist with a background in fashion show production and image consultation. After having become used to the many beauty and aesthetic services available to her during the time she lived in Denver, CO, she grew frustrated with the lack of quality spray tanning services in Richmond. 

Taking her love of makeup, aesthetics and skincare to the next level; she decided to start providing a more custom and personalized service herself. Her choice of turbine, solution and application methods are based on research and training with the best in the business seeking to provide consistent and quality results.


Q: Is spray tanning safe?

A: I use the South Seas Skin Care line of solutions and tan extending and skin care products. South Seas Skin Care is committed to ensuring all of their products are cruelty-free and made with natural & organic ingredients, and provide a universal color for all clients. DHA is a safe "stain" to color the first few layers of your derm and compared to baking your skin in the sun, it is MUCH safer.

If you are still concerned then I am more than happy to do a test area on you on a less visible area to see how you like it and provide you more information.


Q: Am I going to turn orange?

A:  I custom blend the solutions many times and I adjust my application methods depending on the darkness that you would like and your skintone. Applying too heavy of a layer of solution can result in a more "gold-orange" color on some folks. I always try to err on the side of caution and apply a moderate layer of solution until we determine how your skin reacts and takes to the solution. The desired color will yield tones of a mahogany brown. And please note that your skin does turn over and can react to diet, medicine and environmental changes which can affect your tan. Please let me know if you are on any medication that causes sweating, skin allergies or other such side effects. 


Q: How long does a spray tan last?

A:  Most applications will last 5-10 days depending on your skin type and how often you moisturize. Please visit the Tanning Care page for Before and After care for your tan. I also recommend and offer many products to enhance and prolong your tan. 


Q: How long will my session take?

A:  Once I arrive on location, it takes me just a few minutes to set up and break down so I schedule 30 minutes on location. At that point, I am very efficient and able to schedule appointments in 10-15 minute increments for tanning parties. Please note that add-on services such as contouring will require additional appointment time. 

Q: What do I wear for my spraytan?

A:  I have disposable g-strings and bandeaus. You are welcome to wear your own undergarments and the solution will wash out of most fabrics very easily. Women are also welcome to go "au naturale" if you want to avoid lines! Men are required to wear briefs or covering of some style for their session according to regulations. I pride myself on being very professional, but also try to put you at ease so feel free to choose the amount of coverage with which you feel best.

You will want to bring loose, dark clothing to wear after your spraytan.


Q: Will it stain my clothing?

A:  The solutions are water soluble, but we recommend wearing dark loose clothing immediately after your session. You may notice some bronzing residue on your sheets or clothing, but it should wash out easily. The South Seas solution and my application method leave only a light bronzer layer on your skin, but you may want to take care until you feel completely dry. 


Q: I am not able to tan in the sun, will spray tanning work for me?

A:  Spray Tanning is a great alternative for those that cannot tan in the sun. I customize your application with different airbrush methods and solution blends that will allow you to achieve wonderful color even if you are unable to tan in the sun. This is especially for those with sensitive or very fair skin or those with history of skin cancer. If you have you problematic or severely dry skin, you will need to take extra care with your spraytan to make sure that you fade evenly as DHA is drying. 


Q: How do you provide on call spray tanning and avoid overspray?

A:  I have an enclosed pop up tanning tent, towels, and many other cleaning items to make sure that items at the location and belongings are protected. The airbrush gun and solution are directed onto your body (I spray very close to your skin) inside the tent and I also lay down towels inside and outside the tent for added protection. The solution itself is very easily wiped up off tile or hardwood, but I try to avoid areas with more porous floor coverings like carpet. 99% of my clients don't even notice a lingering smell - which is still very pleasant.


Q: Can I still tan outdoors? 

A: Spray Tanning does not offer any sunscreen protection so you will still be susceptible to the sun's UV rays. I always recommend wearing sunscreen when outdoors. Spray tanning is a safe alternative to traditional outdoor and tanning beds. I can also help you avoid those nasty tan lines! 

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